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Martha V.

I have a large document. It contains only three sections. The first section
is comprised of three pages, the Title Page and the TOC. The second section
is all of the chapters of content, and finally the third section is the
Appendix. The first section does not contain page numbers in the footer. The
second and third sections do contain page numbers in the footer in the
following format "page x of y". I restarted the page numbers on page 4 (at
the beginning of section 2). It worked for the "x" number which begins on
page 1. However, the second number, "y" in the example above, did not restart
and still counts all pages from the title page through the end of the
document. I think I've seen this happen before several years ago, but I
cannot remember how I fixed it at the time.

I am using MS Word 2007. This document was originally a MS Word 2003 doc and
was converted to the MS Word 2007 format.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

If you wanted to count just the pages in the second section, you could use
the SectionPages field instead of NumPages, but if you want to include the
appendix as well, then you will need to insert a bookmark on the last page
of the appendix and then substitute this field for NumPages: { PAGEREF
BookmarkName }, where "BookmarkName" is the name you assigned to your

You can directly edit the NUMPAGES field by pressing Alt+F9 to expose the
field code, then typing in the required text. Alt+F9 to toggle back, then F9
to update.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA



Stefan Blom

Into the header of your first section, insert this field:

{ SET pagecount1 { SECTIONPAGES } }.

In the section where you have Page X of Y, replace Y, which is a NUMPAGES field,

{ = { NUMPAGES} - { REF pagecount1 } }.

To insert each pair of field delimiters, { }, press Ctrl+F9. Type the codes as
shown. To update the field(s) in the selection, press F9. Use Alt+F9 to
show/hide field codes in the document.

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