Correcting Page Numbering with Section Breaks



Hi Community,

How do I correct the page numbering in a Word document with section breaks?
I inadvertently remove the first page number directly from the footer and now
all pages have the same number. The first page of the document is a cover
page; the second page contain the abstract and on which I would like to start
the page numbering at 1. I have created two section breaks--one between the
first and second pages, and one between the second and third pages. This was
done to untie formatting between the sections.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Stefan Blom

In Word, the page numbering options are section-specific. For *each*
section, make sure that "Continue from previous section" is selected in the
Page Number Format dialog box.

To open the dialog box:

- Activate the header/footer view (for example by double-clicking the
header). On the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, click Page Number, and
then click Format Page Number.

- Activate the header/footer view via View | Header and Footer. On the
Header and Footer toolbar, click the Format Page Number button.

If the above doesn't help, then you have inadvertently unlinked your PAGE
field, and you will have to reinsert it into your footer. If footers are
unlinked (that is, if the Same as Previous / Link to Previous button is
deselected), you will have to insert it separately for each section.



Many thanks! It worked. All that was needed was to select "continue from
previous section" in the page number format dialog box and link the footers
with "link to previous," which shows as "same as previous" in the
heater/footer view.

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