Page number problems with Word

Jun 5, 2015
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1) I need to remove page numbers in my document which are in the left margin. The command INSERT / Header-Footer / Page number / Remove page numbers doesn't work as "Remove page numbers" is greyed-out. How can I get it turned on so I can delete the pages?

2) I need three sections: the first with the cover and no page number. The second section with roman numerals from maybe ii - vii. The third section from like 8 - 125 (but, I will want to return them to the margin again). However, when I click PAGE LAYOUT / Page Setup / Breaks / Page breaks / Breaks, it introduces a new blank page which I don't want or need in addition to the fact that [back to problem 1 above] the page numbers are still in the margin. Granted, this is the first time in my life I have tried and maybe I am doing something wrong - but if so, I don't know where.

How can I get these three sections and the proper numbers?

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