How do I get different margin formats without changing page number



I am required to submit a document where the majority of the pages need to
have a top margin of 1.5". The title page, and every chapter heading page
need to have a 2" margin. Every time I fix this in word, it messes up my
page numbering because it is inserting a new section, for example, after my
first chapter page the numbering starts over again when the margins are set
back to 1.5" from 2"

How do I get multiple margins with continuous page numbering?

I ultimately need three sections for page numbering.
Abstract - no number
Introductory pages - lower case roman numerals
Body of document - arabic numerals



Suzanne S. Barnhill

View | Header and Footer; in each header, click Format Page Number and make
sure it's set to "Continue from previous section."

FWIW, it would be much easier to just add Space Before to the chapter title;
if you format it as "Page break before" (or insert a manual page break), you
can get a different effective top margin without requiring section breaks.

I would still use section breaks between chapters for other reasons (such as
wanting a drop folio on the first page of a chapter instead of a page number
at the top of the page), but you certainly don't have to have *two* section
breaks just to change the margin; if you enable "Different first page," you
can add space to the First Page Header to push the body of the document
down. For more on this, see

What I often do in book layout is put the chapter title in a large
single-cell table formatted to an exact height. I add Space Before to the
title style, which is in the table. This guarantees that, even if the title
runs to two or more lines, the chapter text always starts in the same place.

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