large picture - keep page number in portrait, even though pic land



I have a few pages in my document with 9x7 pictures that work well if I
create a separate section, and put the page in landscape mode. (I
additionally have to change the top margin to 1.5" (to match the left margin
being 1.5"), but that's not really what I"m asking about.)

The problem is that the page number in the header comes out
landscape-oriented instead of portrait-oriented, which is unacceptable to the
editor. Is there a way of making the page number be rotated so it shows up
as portrait using this method? I need to keep the page number as a page
number so it's automatically paginated.

The alternative is to rotate the picture and keep portrait mode, but then
the caption needs to be rotated, which I cannot figure out how to do. Let
alone figure out how to rotate the caption and have the "list of Figures"
recognize it.



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