How to insert an Excell table on its side into a word document?



Here's a knotty problem for you!

I certainly can't figure out how to do it and I'd be grateful to anyon
who can tell me how!

Basically, I have an Excell spreadsheet that will fit on one piece o
A4 paper with landscape orientation.

I have a Word document which is in Portrait orientation.

What I want to do is rotate the spreadsheet through 90 degrees an
insert it into my document so that it occupies a whole page - but th
word page must be portrait while the spreadsheet is landscape (i.e
tipped up on its end) in the word page ... if you see what I mean!

If that's unclear, I can try and draw a little example and attach it.

Thanks in advance,


Jay Freedman

You cannot do that in Word -- the page with the inserted spreadsheet
must be oriented landscape. What you can do, though, is place the
header and footer so that they *appear* in the same places as on
portrait pages. See for

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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newsgroup so all may benefit.

Paul H

If you don't need to link the table back to the Excel file, you can paste an
image of the spreadsheet into the Word document as an enhanced metafile or
bitmap, then rotate it 90 degrees.

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