Continuous Section Break gives wrong Page Number



I have encoutered what appears to me to be a bug in page numbering for
Continuous Section Breaks.

When adding a Continous Section Break to a page (to break up document
sections/chapters mid-age, rather than using a page break), I have observed
that the chapter number listed is for the next section (which appears as
style Heading 1 on the page), but the page numbering continues from the
previous section. This is if you elect to restart page numbering in each
section, rather than continue page numbering from the previous section. (If
you continue page numbering, you will not see this issue.)

Here is an example in tabular format to illustrate:

Chapter Doc Page # Section
Heading Page # in Footer Break?
I 1 I-1 Next
II 2 II-1
3 II-2
III 4 ___III-3___
Continuous <----------
5 III-2

Do you see the problem? III-3 should have been listed as either: II-3 or
III-1 (preferred).

Please let me know if you have encountered this issue and whether I am
wrong, whether there is a solution, or what workaround there is (besides
using Next-Page Section Breaks instead of Continuous Section Breaks).

Pesach Shelnitz


When you use continuous section breaks, you end up with parts of two or more
sections on the same page. Thus, the beginning of a page is in one section,
and the end of the page is in another section. Word uses only settings of the
first section on the page to determine the page number for such a page. On
the other hand, the chapter numbers picked up from headings is not related to
the sections. What you are observing is the expected behavior. In my opinion,
if you want to restart numbering, you should use a section break that starts
a new page.

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