How can I force/retain a Section Break (Odd Page)?



I am using Word 2007 on Windows XP SP3.

I have a document with 9 sections (Title page, TOC, and 7 body sections). I
want each section of the document to start on an odd page, assuming duplexed

Word is not letting me end each section with Section Break (Odd Page). I
have tried the following two things (with Show formatting enabled):

Attempt #1

1. Block the Section Break (Next Page) formatting indicator.
2. Select Page Layout tab > Breaks > (Section) Odd Page.

Word creates the Section Break (Odd Page), but moves the previously existing
Section Break (Next Page) down to the following page.

3. Block the Section Break (Next Page) on that page, and delete it.

Word deletes the section break, and changes the Section Break (Odd Page) on
the previous page back into a Section Break (Next Page).

Attempt #2

1. At the end of the chapter, hit Enter several times to insert some line
space holders.
2. Delete the existing Section Break (Next Page).
The next chapter now starts on an even page.
3. Put cursor in an empty line that has at least one other empty line before
it and behind it.
4. Select Page Layout tab > Breaks > (Section) Odd Page.
Word removes the extra blank lines you created prior to the section
break, creates a Section Break (Odd Page), and leaves the extra blank lines
you created after the section break on the following page.
5. Delete the extra blank lines on the page that follows the Section Break
(Odd Page).
This approach seems to work for the chapter I was working on, but
converts the Section Break in previous and subsequent chapters back to
Section Break (Next Page).

I need a Section Break (Odd Page) at the end of every chapter. Word keeps
changing them back into Section Break (Next Page).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Tim Munyon

Stefan Blom

First, you should enable "Different odd and even" and/or "Mirror margins" in
Page Setup.

Then, instead of deleting any existing section breaks, just place the
insertion point in the section and then choose the desired "Section start"
on the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box.

Does that help?


Stefan, yes, that worked. Thank you!

Why on earth did Word not do the same thing when I selected Page Layout tab
Breaks > Odd Page? (I already had "Different odd and even" selected.)

Thanks again!

Stefan Blom

You are welcome. :)

It's hard to tell what went wrong when you first inserted the break(s).
Sometimes there is a problem when adjacent sections have different
orientations; in such cases, the printer driver may be forcing an odd page
break when you are trying to choose a next page one (but that is obviously
different from the issue that you described).

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