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Legallisa - switching from WordPerfect

Help. I'm working on a legal brief -- due tomorrow, my first one.

Word 2007/Vista Business

First two pages are title page (Footer Section 1)
Next Page Break
Next three pages are TOC and TOA (Footer Section 2)
Next Page Break
Brief (Footer Section 3)
Next Page Break
Certificate of Mailing (Footer Section 4)
Next Page Break
Appendix (Footer Section 5)


I can't for the life of me get the footer/page numbering to work.

Footer Section 1 should be blank -no numbers

Footer Section 2 - At the top of Section 2, I want to insert page numbering
i, ii, and iii

Footer Section 3 - I want numbering to start at page 1

Footer Section 4 and 5 I want blank.

I start by going to Footer section 2,

At the top of Section 2 I press insert, page number, bottom of page and
select plain 2.

When I do that I get the three pages i, ii, iii.

I ALSO GET a 1 and 2 on the first two pages and in Section three I get page
numbering starting with 1.

I didn't tell it to do that.

I thought the beauty of Next Page Section Marks was that you could create a
separate footer for each page.

Footer Section 4 then starts with page 1, I don't want any numbering

Footer Section 5 also starts with page 1, I don't want any numbering

I've read different MVP web pages/links and think I have it but then I
don't. I don't have time to mess around with this and need a fix ASAP.




Hi Legallisa,

Try unlinking the footer for each Section in which you want to have a different numbering/blank scheme from the previous one. By
default, they're formatted to 'same as previous'. You can break the connection by clicking on the 'Link to Previous' button on the
Design Ribbon that appears when you access the Footer.

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