Page numbering Word 2007



Hi! Here's my challenge with Word 2007: Docs I create (using a a simple
template (not the Normal template)) place Page X of Y in the footer of page 1
and Page X of Y in the header of the 2nd & subsequent pages. After saving &
then re-opening the doc the page numbering on page 1 displays Page 1 of 3
(even though there may be 20+ pages in the doc). I am only able to get the
numbering on page 1 to correct itself to the full "Page 1 of Y", if I open
the footer or place my cursor on another page or Update the doc.
Interestingly the same Page X of Y numbering on page 2 & subsequent pages,
resolves as expected immediately upon opening the document. What do I need
to do to get the NumPages field on page 1 to work normally (without any
coaxing)? Thanks for your assistance.

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