Page numbers restart with continuous page break



This happens in 2007, 2003, and 2002. My doc has 2 "next page" section
breaks within the first 3 pages. After each break, I've requiested that the
numbering restarts at "1" and that works fine. After several pages I need 2
"Continuous" page breaks so I can use a 2-column format within a page. I use
the Insert Page Number Format command to have it CONTINUE numbering.
However, it restarts the numbering. If I do this as a test with a doc that
does not have regular section breaks at the beginning it seems to work. Best
case, I would like to maintain "x of y" page numbering throughout but I would
gladly settle for a simple continuing page number (in the footer).

Thanks for any clues!

Stefan Blom

Note that the settings in the Page Number Format dialog box are

I suspect that the culprit is your continuous section. Temporarily insert a
page break so that you can see the header. Activate the header, display the
Page Number Format dialog box, and be sure to select "Continue from previous

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