Footnotes cause Continuous Sec. Breaks to act like Next-Pg Sec. Br



I need to change one footnote (the reference mark/footnote reference) in a
document to an asterisk, with the remaining footnotes formatted with Arabic

A Continuous Section Break is needed for this in order to keep paragraphs
together, but adding a Continuous Section Break after the asterisk footnote
puts in a Continuous Section Break that acts like a Next Page Section Break.

In testing this, I found that on pages containing any footnote, a Continuous
Section Break always behaves like a Next Page Section Break.

On pages without footnotes, Continuous Section Breaks behave properly.

Until we figure this out, we used a manual asterisk in place of the
automatic reference mark and footnote reference.

Thank you for your help.


I'm not sure why you need section breaks -- if you put your cursor
directly before the footnote you want to change from a number to an
asterisk, and Insert a Footnote "the long way" -- i.e., by going
through the menu and the dialog -- and type an asterisk in the empty
box where it says "Custom" numbering, then you can move the content of
the old footnote to the new footnote, and delete the old numbered
footnote, and all the subsequent footnotes should adjust their number.

It also _might_ work if you simply select the number of the footnote
to be changed, open the dialog, and type the asterisk, but I wouldn't
make that the first thing I'd try.

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