How do I set up Outlook so that it does not remove e-mails from the online
webmail of my POP3 account until I actually delete these e-mails? When I'm
at work, I like to be able to login to my webmail and still view the e-mails
in my inbox that I haven't deleted in Outlook yet. At the same time, I want
to make sure these e-mails are deleted from online webmail once I delete them
in Outlook.





Dear Alex,
Please do the following.
open outlook
go to tools
then choose email accounts
tick on view or change email account
in the box shown select your account( in the list if more than one account)
click on the change button on the right side
click on the more settings
click on the advanced tab
check the box " leave a copy of the message on the server"
click ok
click ok.
That's it.

Now even though you downloaded your message in your outlook a copy of the
same message will be there in your webmail page.

With regards,

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