Outlook not receiving emails.....

Jul 10, 2012
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So the title might suggest something simple, and perhaps it is, but I'll explain the situation first as it's completely baffling me.

I am filling in for our IT guy while he is away.

We have a number of computers on a LAN. All these computers use Outlook for email. All but one computer are receiving and sending emails correctly.

One computer is not receiving the emails into Outlook. I can log into the email account using deskcontrol.com.au and I can see the emails that are being sent to it but they are not arriving in Outloo.

I test the server settings in Outlook and they come back fine. I tried to repair the email address to see if it would help. The first part of the repair works, however it then fails on making an encrypted connection to the mail server. I then let it repair it using non-encryption. I then receive the test message from Microsoft.

After this repairing using non-envryption, I checked the server settings for Outlook. The repair has changed my incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP:

Incoming POP3 was: mail.companyname.com.au
POP3 is now: pop.companyname.com.au

Outgoing SMTP was: mail.companyname.com.au
Outgoingt SMTP is now: smtp.companyname.com.au

Two days before I filled in for the IT guy they had to swap ISPs for a day. They are already with the second ISP, just there for backup. So the router was configured to the new ISP and the setttings for the email address changed, and this all worked fine. Configuring the router back to the first ISP and putting back the email settings to their original settings was complete and all is fine except for the one machine.

I am baffled as to what is wrong and to how to go about fixing it.
Any help or suggestions are grately appreciated as I currently have a very annoyed colleuge expecting me (not an IT guy) to magically fix it....I'm trying my hardest and scouring the web with no joy so I thought it was about time I asked for some help!

Many thanks,

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