Outlook install ignores settings from .mst file




I'm trying to install Outlook 2003 SP2 with some custom settings using an
..mst file created using the Custom installation wizard. I have an existing
user base of Outlook 2000 users, and I want to deploy Outlook 2003 with
various options based on differing deployment scenarios.

For one scenario I am trying to get Outlook to use cached Exchange mode, and
trying to specify some settings for cached Exchange mode.

The install source is an administrative installation point updated with SP2.

Upon running the install the setup appears to be ignoring the majority of
the settings specified in the .mst file, for example the settings for cached
Exchange mode are ignored, as are some options for preventing access to add
new mail accounts etc. however I have specified that a desktop icon for
Outlook should be created in the .mst file and this does appear, so clearly
the setup is reading the .mst file.

The steps I have gone through are as follows:

At the "Outlook Custom Default Profile" screen I select "Modify Profile". I
then select to "configure an Exchange server connection" and specify a
username and server name and tick Overwrite existing settings. I've tried the
setup with and without selecting enable offline user in "More options". I've
also tried specifying that a new profile should be created.

Under "You can configure new or existing profiles...." I've selected
"Configure Cache Exchange mode" Then ticked "Use Cached Exchanged mode" and
selected the option I want.

I then click through to the end of the wizard.

I have also tried specifying settings in the "Change Office User settings"
page to specify that users should use cached exchange mode and that they
should not be able to add other POP or internet accounts, however these
settings are also ignored.

What is really confusing me is that if I run through the same process with
an admin installation point that is not updated with SP2, then everything
works as expected......Is there an update for the CIW or something for SP2
that I am not aware of?


Not really, I ran out of time for evaluation and testing so I've ended up
just using SP1 rather than SP2, all the various settings for cached Exchange
mode work fine with SP1 on the admin install point......I am sure this must
be a bug (and the fact that you are experiencing it too supports this) but I
don't know how to go about reporting it....


You might try managing these features with the Group Policy Administrative
Templates supplied in the Resource Kit. Also, clients installed from an
Administrative Installation Point do not support updating (for example via
WUS or SMS) or a local installation source. I recommend using a flat file
(copy of the CD) on a network share and cache the source files on your



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