office Outlook 2003 - MST deploy - no profile created :(



I'm putting together custom deployment to deploy office outlook 2003 to a
group of users who must retain word 2000 for compatability with an existing

The deployment works just fine from SMS - and i've even successfully chained
symantec's enterprise vault install to the end.

My problem occurs with profile configuration. I want to create new profiles
which contain particular settings (specifically: use cached exchange mode,
RPC over HTML, and modify the "all accounts" send and receive profile to
synchronise forms (a requirement using enterprise vault and cached exchange

Whilst the outlook deployment works normally, I don't get the new profile (I
selected "new profile" in the relevant part of the custom installation
wizard) which means I don't get these custom settings

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have a short deadline on this now.


Additional info:

I have subsequently run the custom maintenance wizard with the same
settings, and I can get everything to apply with the exception of the
"synchronise forms" in the send/receive group settings. Unfortunately this
one setting is of vital importance to us.

Any help greatly appreciated

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