Outlook 2007 installation and user settings information



We are about to deploy MS Office 2007 to all computers in our organisation.
Currently we use Outlook 2003. Our deployment plan is to firstly uninstall
office 2003 and then install 2007.

Many users have customised their outlook with favourites, peoples calendars
and signatures etc. Also we have added extra mailboxes to their profiles via
the email settings. So that they see their mailbox in the list and their
managers also. When we uninstall office 2003 do we loose these settings as I
think they are stored in the .RWZ file or similarily stored locally on the
PC. We don't use PST we have Exchange 2007. How can we deploy outlook 2007
and retain user settings. Some staff have roaming profiles so I assume they
will be ok because tha App Data folder is on the network.
Any advice urgently appreciated. thanks

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