Word 2007 and Word 2003 Coexisting with Outlook 2007



Hello there,

We are working on a plan to deploy Outlook 2007 separate from the 2007
Office Suite. After learning that there is a loss of functionality
without Word 2007 installed, we are hoping to install Word 2007 in
addition to the Word 2003. The issue we have is that after installing
Word 2007, it sets that as the default for opening Word documents.
There is a workaround to reset the file associations but running the
Detect and Repair option in Word 2003, however, this isn't very
practical for a wide deployment.

Even when going in to the file types tab and pointing it to the Word
2003 executable, it still launches 2007.

Any ideas?


Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I]

This is commonly referred to as shooting yourself in the foot. Outlook 2007
cannot use Word 2003 whatsoever, so there is no point in installing Word
2007 at all, if you're going to keep Word 2003 as the default. Word 2007
must be the default, if Outlook 2007 is to use it.

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