Outlook 2003 and Office 2007



I was using Outlook 2003 configured with Exchange 2003 in the company.
Recenty I installed MS Office word,Excel & Power point 2007 in the same pc.

Now when a mail arrives to Outlook 2003, a message box with the following
message pops up.

"Please wait while windows configures Office 2007 Professional Plus"

The order in which I installed Outlook 2003 and word,excel,ppt 2007 etc is
by installing 2003 first.

I would like to use Word,Excel & PPT 2007 along with Outlook 2003 in same pc
with out any issues.

Request your HELP



Not withstanding your Q, you will have issues with Outlook 2003 in that you
wont have full integration with the 2007 components.


I Repaired outlook 2003. Now onwards the "Please wait while windows
configures Office 2007" message not appears in Outlook 2003 when a mail


Peter Foldes


You have a VL version of Office. As such you will need to call MS for support over
the phone which is free without any charges.
You will need all the purchasing documentation along with your VL number and the
name of the place from purchased from

Here you will find the Phone numbers and email addresses as to where and whom to
contact about Office Enterprise and your issue.
Scroll down to the bottom of page to North America

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