deploying office 2003 with MST file



What is the best way to deploy Office 2003 with the MST file.
I have the MST file created with the Custom Installation Wizard.
(using it just to configure the exchange profile)

Group Policy wants an MSI file so I am not sure how to deploy is using this
transform file. (is there some file you can edit to use the MST file?)

I was then thinking I would do it in a batch file that ran in a script but
that poses a problem because the workstations are locked down so I would
have to somehow give users elevated priviledges to install just office2003.
Also would cause a problem when users logged on again while the deployment
has not been complete.



James Krawisz

Kevin, you can use grup policy to have the required elevated priviledges and
can run the setup file for office using a batch if you want in this form;

setuppro.exe transforms=<path><file name>.mst


I looked into that. If I configure the group policy for both computer and
user, it will allow that user to install any programs. Can I specify only
allow elevated priveledges for that program only? Also how do you do it in
a script to only install the program once(everyone here has one generic
login script)?




It appears you can specify and MST file when you click on Advanced after you
pick an MSI file. I will check to see if this works.

Suggestions and ideas are still welcome.


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