Outlook email address cach (.NK2 file) - how to remove addresses??


BadBoy House

We recently installed new servers and chose to use a different
internal domain name than before.

At the request of some users we took a backup of their Outlook .NK2
file which contains a cache of email addresses they've used.

A side affect that I've discovered is that the email addresses in the
cache file which are internal addresses i.e. point to our old internal
addresses generate NDR reports.

Obviously this is a double edged sword - it's very handy for users to
retain their cache file but it's also causing problems when they use
the cache list for internal emails.

Is there any way of removing certain addresses from the cache?



Vince Averello

You can highlight the bad address(es) and hit Delete to remove specific ones
from the user's cache



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Use one of the tools here to edit them:

Or, add the old addresses (as secondary smtp) to the user accounts so they
are deliverable. If the aliases are the same but the domain is different
this would be my fix because its much faster to set up the address and push
it out to each user account.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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