Outlook Outlook Address Book Printing - Page Breaks

May 23, 2012
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I am using Microsoft Office 2010 trying to print my Outlook Contacts (Phone 3's and Addresses)into an Address Book and have hit 3 snags. I would be grateful for any help.

1) I am printing all my Contacts in a “Medium Booklet Style” using the “Double sided or duplex” feature. It works well except it does not start each letter of the alphabet on a new, separate front page so I get for example, the first page of the “E’s” printing on the back of the last page of the “D’s” and so on. This now obstructs using an Index Divider to separate each letter of the Alphabet. How can I cause it to print each new letter on its own starting page?

2) When viewing the Contacts on screen in “Address Card” view, the field names are neatly left justified and the data is all neatly justified to a tabbed position a little to the right of the field name. It is clear and easy to read with the data justified below each other. Now when I print the it, the field names are left justified on the page but the data starts randomly after its field header and looks untidy and becomes difficult to read and see where one field ends and the next one starts. How can I cause the printed view of the Contact to look just like the screen view of that contact?

3) When viewing the Contacts on screen in “Address Card” view, the field names such as Home Address and Business Address show as “Home:” and “Business:” respectively but when printed they show as “Home Address:” and “Business Address:”, unnecessarily inserting the word “Address” onto the printed page. How can I control how the field headings print onto the page?


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