Access Sorting and grouping using multiple tables

Jan 3, 2018
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My database has a main table called products which lists the products purchased from a vendor. There are three other tables , Contracts, there are many contracts for one product. Vendor Contacts, there are many vendor contacts for one product and licenses purchased per year for the product so multiple entries in this table also. The product table is setup as a one too many relationship to the three other tables. I want the report to list the product name in the page header then all the contracts for that product in the first group header, then the vendor contacts in the second group header, and the third group header will list all the licenses. I created a query joining all the tables by the productid from the main table. When the report prints it repeats the data in each group header for each row of data in the sub tables. How do I get each grouping level to print all the rows for that specific product in the group header area? The way the report prints now is the product is at the top of the report then one contract prints followed by all the vendor contacts and then another contract row prints with all the same vendor contacts again. I want all the contracts to print, then the vendor contacts, then the licensing each in their own section
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