Access Scan a UPC on a txtfield on mainform & add to subform Please Help!

Nov 21, 2014
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I'm creating a simple inventory stocktake database for tracking inventory bought from certain vendors. I dont need to subtract inventory sold or anything like that just inventory intake. Hope that makes since.

My objective it to have a form that I open, set the date vendor & invoice number then place the focus on the scan txt box & start scanning using a wedge type scanner (Basicly inputs the barcode data & then hits the enter button). I prefer this method because I can input the information much quicker than finding the item in a combobox and setting the quantity.

I've created all the necessary tables & set the relationships to accomplish this. What I can't figure out is how to have the scan txtbox linked from the mainform to the sub or make the box lookup UPCs that are related to the product & produce 1 item per scan to add to the purchase order detail subform. Or change the qty if the item exist on the list. I have no VBA experience, iv tried using macros with no success. I would really appreciate someones help on this

I attached a copy of the DB im working on for review.


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