Counting multiple memberships

Nov 2, 2022
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Firstly, I am an Excel newbie. I have been tasked with creating a database in excel of all the relevant details concerning the members and their achievements in all the clubs that they hold memberships.
I have two queries.

Query 1.
I have to manage 6 local clubs and i use a worksheet each, club1, club2 etc. some club members have memberships in two or more clubs. i need to list these memberships, such as number of single memberships, double, triple and quadruple etc., by searching through the various clubs. Each member has an ID Number which he carries with him, through every club that he belongs to.

Query 2.
Each club member will have attained a certain grade of excellence and it should be listed in each club worksheet.

With that, I need a list of grades that the member has as a target for advancement.

In total there are 8 grades. Grades, such that if club-member 1, is a member of both club1 and club 4 and has attained a grade of 3 he may be able to go to any of the clubs at his earliest convenience to try and attain the next grade, if the club is to undertake that grade. If he succeeds the lists of both his clubs are updated and his target grade is updated as well.

In this way I can see who is listed to undertake any particular grade and can advise the member accordingly. There would be tables to list those of each grade and tables of multiple memberships as well.

Due to my lack of experience I really do not know where to look for functions or formulae that I need to accomplish these two queries and would appreciate all the assistance you can offer.

Take care,


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