Word Create a Phone Book using MailMerge in word 2007

Feb 11, 2018
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I have a database in access 2007 and would like to use it to create a phone book for the Mobile Home Park that I live in during the winter.

Currently there is a phone book which uses a table with 4 columns for Unit Number; Name e.g. Jones, Bill; telephone number; email address; and address and phone for snowbirds home mostly US and Canada but also includes a couple from Ireland.

This table is hard to update each year for new residents and removing records.

The unit number is in column one. Column two has the names of the owners (one or two). Column three has the phone number e.g. 727-999-999. Below the phone number are their email addresses; Column four has the home address and phone number for the owners Home address, e.g in Canada or other states.

The book is sorted by Unit numbers First Street has units 101 to 122 and is headed by a bold FIRST st

Then each following street 2 through 9 has an appropriate heading.

I'd appreciate some advice. I believe I could use mailmerge to provide the book in 4 columns, but don't know how I would insert the street headings automatically.



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