Outlook 2007 unread messages no longer appear bold



All received message headers in the Inbox appear in condensed font (not
bold, un-bolded) before being read (opened, previewed, viewed or clicked on).
Steps to correct:
Right click condensed but un-read message and "Mark as unread" is not
available but “Mark as read†is available.
Right click on condensed messages that have been read, choose “Mark as
unread†and bold font does not appear.
In other folders bold appears on unread messages as expected. Font changes
to condensed after deselecting them and can be changed back to bold if "Mark
as unread" is selected.
No change after running Microsoft Office Diagnostics or Restart
Tools, Options, Other..., Reading Pane, "Mark item as read when selection
changes" is checked.
View, Reading Pane, Right - is selected.
View, Current View, Unread Messages in this folder: Appears as expected.
Unread messages are in bold font.
OS: Vista Business. All Microsoft and Office updates are installed.

About the same time as this problem appeared the Flag Status icon
disappeared from the Inbox column headers and the label for “Size†also
disappeared. I was not able to find Flag Status to drag it to the column
header row using the Field Chooser. I was able to restore the Flag Status
icon in View, Current View, Customize Current View, Fields, select Flag
Status, Add and edited the Size column label in Format Columns.

Could this be a corrupt Inbox? Can I recreate it somehow?

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