Outlook 2007 default font



I'm running Outlook 2007 + Vista. There have been a few similar threads to
this but none seem to solve my problems.

I navigate from 'Folder List' in Outlook but I can't seem to get all the
fonts consistent - I have three similar queries.

1. The current view for email folders is 'Messages'. I changed the default
view to make everything Tahoma 8 but the unread messages are still in Segoe
UI 8 bold rather than Tahoma 8 bold. So I have read messages in Tahoma which
is fine but unread messages in the Segoe. How can I change this?

2. The main 'Folder List' itself seems to be in Segoe - where can I change
this default so that all my contact and email folder names are in a different

3. Is it possible to change the default text font within an open contact?

Two further unrelated questions if some very kind person can help me:

4. Can you remove the business card from within a contact? The information
displayed is unnecessary as it is duplicated elsewhere. It also takes up
valuable space - I'd like to have the 'Notes' area starting higher up to
display more.

5. When deleting an email is it possible for Outlook to automatically open
the next email rather than going back to the folder view. I had Outlook 2003
set up like this but can't remember how.

Many thanks. Mark


Many thanks in advance for any speedy replies - like all small things you
want to change it's driving me mad!

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