How to keep Sent Items as "unread" - Outlook 2007



I'm a recent convert from Outlook Express to Outlook (2007). In Express,
after I Send a message, it shows up in my Sent Items folder in bold, as
Unread. This reminded me to read it and print a copy for my hardcopy files.

In Outlook 2007, all my Sent Items appear not in bold, ie, as Read. Then
after I have sent a bunch of messages, when I go to the Sent Items folder, I
can't tell which messages I've already read and printed off.

The message rules that I'm seeing seem to only apply to the Inbox, not to
Sent items. Any ideas?

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

Try this: create a rule that applies to sent messages and copy all sent
messages to a new folder (call it "to be printed') - they will be bold and
you can delete them after printing.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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