Outlook 2007 Cached Mode - Pronounced Hang on Exit since SP2 insta



We have around 300 desktop computers running Vista Business SP1 with Office
2007. Our users connect to a SCC Exchange 2007 server using cached mode for
their mailbox access.

We have noticed on all of our desktops, an increased hang time when they
exit Outlook 2007 ever since we installed SP2 for Office 2007. The
greyed-out Outlook taskbar icon will hang around for anywhere from 10 seconds
to 1 minute depending on if they also have a PST open. The problem arises
when a user accidentally closes Outlook, and then tries to immediately
reopen. The dualing outlook.exe processes can take up to 3 minutes to close
the original session and then open the new one. All the user perceives is
that Outlook appears to hang on opening.

I looked into all the MS suggestions online, checking the size of OST and
PST files, turning off Indexing and instant search, checking Sidebar and
anti-virus software. None of those factors made any impact on the exit time.

I ran some benchmark tests on a standard image PC to try to identify the
problem. For these tests, the only software running was Vista Business SP1 -
all unnecessary services were stopped. Indexing was turned off, as was
Antivirus. I tested running Outlook in cached and non-cached mode and tested
profiles with and without a PST file, Windows Sidebar running, and Office
Communicator running.

I found that when running in non-cached mode, it would exit predictably fast
unless a PST was also opened. Sidebar and Communicator had little impact on
exit times.

In cached mode, the exit time quadrupled. Sidebar and Communicator had a
little more impact in cached mode, but did not increase exit time to
significantly. Again, the PST file drastically increased the exit time.

Mailbox: 182216Kb
OST: 225945Kb
PST: 132155Kb

(Sec) Cached PST Sidebar IM
--------- -------- -------- ---------- -----
2.25 No No No No
2.3 No No No Yes
2.55 No No Yes Yes
9.25 Yes No No No
11 Yes No Yes Yes
11.2 Yes No No Yes
55.85 No Yes Yes Yes
59.75 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Any help is much appreciated, we have some very frustrated end users!
Thank You,

Roady [MVP]

Just to be sure;
pst-files and ost-files are stored locally on the machine and are not
located on the network share?

Mark Townshend

I have the same problem on my Home PC.
The Outloook Shutdown Icon remains indefinately, and Killing it in Task
manager is the only way to get Outlook to open again.

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