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I have a Windows 2003 domain with Exchange 2003 installation.

We run Outlook 2007 with Vista. Due to Outlook 2007 performance issues even
after applying SP2, we were forced to use Outlook cache mode.

I hear some user complaints after this implemnetation. Perrfomance seems to
get better as all of them have a cached database (OST) locally.Some of the
user complaints are as follows:

1. See regular emails in Conflict items. The user will see a message in the
status bar of the Inbox item: “You made changes to another copy of this item.
This is the most recent version. Click here to see the other versions.†If
you click the message an exact same copy opens. Also there is no content
change tracking enabled.

2. User sends an outbound email. Email is delivered to external host. User
gets notifications like
a. The message relay was delayed. This is not true as
the message was already delivered.
b. User gets NDR for a delivered message.
I am not going crazy here. Has anybody witnessed similar issues with Outlook
cached mode enabled? I though it could be a corrupted OST, but OSTSCAN says
it is a good copy with no errors detected.



They are logged into one box which sits in the domain network and we don't do
virus scanning for email on clients.


Roady [MVP]

Do they see any commonality between the messages that have produced a sync
Is there anything logged in the Event Viewer on the Exchange server itself?

When you enabled Cached Exchange Mode, it increased the stress on the
Exchange server. This could have caused connection issues preventing changes
from being synched back directly to the server or other delays. The NDR is
also coming from the Exchange server and not Outlook, which would still
assume connection failures at Exchange level.

How is the performance of the Exchange server itself? The fact that Outlook
was slow without CEM, says more about your Exchange server's performance
than Outlook's.


They are random messages with no commonality what so ever. I didn't notice
any strange events from event viewer.

The only recent change is the implementation of outlook cache mode and Cisco
Unified messaging.

The performance on Exchange server is great as I see CPU and memory below
15%. This is a hugh server runninh 2 quad core with tons of memory. Also we
could add size of mailbox to this equation. We don't have mailbox size
restriction meaning a user could go upto what ever he wants.


Peter Foldes

One Care and Defender also has options for scanning email. Any of the latter
installed or do you have another Security suite that also does email scanning


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We use Sophos, but we don't scan email. We crossed checked this by looking at



We have a user who is currently having issues. She has three additiional
mailboxes added to her Mailbox, when the second or third mailbox is added she
gets sync issues, there are 3 others users with the same setup and they do
not have this problem. we have had her Exchange account resreated and this
has not resolved her issue - proved to be bit of a nightmare. This user is
the only one out of the four of them with a Blackberry, this week she has had
issues with sending and receiving emails, some sent emails are not showing in
her Sent Items folder recipeints say they have not received the email but
MailMarshall says it was delivered successfully, incoming emails are seen on
her Blackberry but not in Outlook. I can rename the Outlook.ost to
Outlook.old and this will show these other emails. She needs the additional
mailboxes - it is driving us nuts.


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