Outlook 2003 SP3 Calendar Issues.



I am looking for some help folks. I am running an Exchange & Outlook 2003 SP2
& SP3 messaging environment, respectively. I have multiple users complaining
about a multitude of calendar issues.

In 1 case a user says some meetings that have not been either accepted or
declined, in other words listed as tentative in her calendar, misteriuosly
drop off the calendar with no explantion. Are meetings that are marked as
tentative supposed to have a limited lifespan?

In another case I have a few users that do not have the option to "Tracking"
& "Send Update", even though they are listed as the meeting organizer, but at
also listed as an attendee. Would being both an attendee and meeting
organizer on the same meeting cause these 2 options to be unavailable, by

And then lastly I have a couple of users that say some recurring and other 1
time meetings just dropped off the calendar. I initially thought maybe this
might have been caused by an improperly configured smartphone. But other than
a BlackBerry in an BlackBerry Enterprise Server, this is not the cause for
the disappearing meetings.

I have looked in the deleted items + recover deleted items to see if the
"missing" items could have been deleted, but there is nothing there.

I have also looked at the calendar options for all the affected users, to
see if the users configured their Outlook calendar to cause this issue, but
nothing there.

Has anyone experienced this before and or does anyone have an idea on how to
fix this?

Thank you in advance for your support.



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