Lost Organizer rights and became an attendee.



I have a user that is losing organizer rights and became an attendee on a
hand full of created calendar appointments. This happens often and they are
not sure why this is taking place. The user is using Office 2007 SP1.

When I looked at the bugged user's calendar items, it has their name as the
organizer. It also had their name as an attendee in additional to another

When they open the calendar item, they no longer have the rights to cancel a
meeting request which then generates an email to all invited guests. What
they do see is the attendee icons (Accept, Tentative, Decline etc...). They
are able to delete the calendar item but as stated before, it does not
generate the needed cancelation notification to attendees.

Has anyone see anything like this? I tried to mimic the issue but creating
an appointment and adding myself as an attendee. My hope was to receive an
invite to my own meeting, lose control as the organizer and become an
attendee... but this didn't happen.

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