Outlook 2007 Meetings fall off the calendar.



Our executive team along with their admins seem to be having issues
with meetings either falling off the calendar, admins accepting
meetings but no response is sent to the organizer saying that the
attendee has accepted, tentative, or declined the meeting, or they’ll
accept the meeting but nothing gets added to a calendar. I've been
doing some research and see that blackberry’s maybe an issue. But for
half the people who are having these issues, they don’t have
blackberries. So we’ve ruled that out as a possible problem. And the
ones who are using Blackberries, they have been told to not accept
meetings on their blackberries and yet they still have the issue. The
exchange server and the BES server both have the same cdo.dll versions
on them as well. The admins all give us the same stories, that they
don’t delete anything, they don’t move anything, and they don’t touch
the meeting requests after they come in. All they do is click the
accept button and leave everything else alone. The executives say
roughly the same thing where most of them don’t even open up their
meeting requests, that they just let the admins handle them. They are
all on office 2007 running exchange 07. All systems are on the most
updated patches and service packs. This just started to happen right
around the time we went from exchange 03 to 07. We forced the switch
from non cached exchange mode to cached exchange mode for all of our
users since we upgraded their mail box size significantly. However
we’ve taken the users out of cached exchange mode for testing and it
still happens. I've tried everything I can think of and I really hope
someone else can throw some ideas out there. Thanks for your help!



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