Meeting invites disappearing from calendar



I have delegate access to my boss' Outlook calendar and manage his
meeting invites (acceptances/declines/propose new times). I don't not
get the meeting requests delivered to my client, rather I respond from
my boss' client (on my computer). I log into Outlook under my own
client access to view my bosses calendar.

If he is sent a meeting request and it is not actioned (eg: I was away
one day and did not action his invites) and he receives another (or
multiple invites) in the day, the meeting invite remains in his in box
but drops out of his calendar (as a tentative appointment) as soon as
the next meeting request is received.

So last Friday he received 6 meeting invites that were not actioned and
only the most recent invite was showing tentative in his calendar, all
of the other appointments had dropped out of his calendar. So mixed
with the 100s of other emails he gets during the day if I omit in
actioning an invite, he (potentially) misses meetings.

He does also sync automatically with an iPhone and all appointments
show in his iPhone as either accepted events or tentative events (if
they have not been actioned).

He operates Outlook 2007.

Can anyone help in advising why the meetings drop out of his calendar,
yet remain in his iPhone?


PS: My IT department have run multiple 'cleanups' on both mine and my
bosses clients, but this is still occurring.

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