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Duplicate Girl Needs Help

I accept/decline all calendar invites for the two guys I work for. Recently,
they have been getting duplicates for one calendar invite. Ex. He'll get a
calendar invite for a meeting at 3p, I accept it. When I got to look at his
calendar, it's on there twice. Same exact entry - time, subject, etc. Even if
he gets an update to a calendar item it's duplicated. Its' not happening
every single time but some times. Now, I have one entry on his calendar and
it's showing up 3 times!! Can anyone please help me...I've asked my IT
department but it has been 2 days and still NO ONE has got back to me.

Please help me.




My co-worker is having the same problem Duplicate Girl; I hope someone can
provide a solution, this has been a nightmare for her. Kat


Please...can't somebody address this? I am unable to send meeting
invitations to multiple recipients because Outlook will send, and send, and
re-send the invitations over and over to all the recipients.



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Version of Outlook? Are all updates installed?

FWIW, it doesn't sound like this is the same problem as the original
question - duplicate girl's problem sounds like the other calendars are set
to autoaccept on the owners calendar. Your problem sounds like its not
getting confirmation the message sent so outlook keeps retrying. This is
often caused by antivirus scanning outgoing mail.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Kevo Superstar

I have got a similar problem where if you send a new invitation to someone
who you are a delegate for. The invitation will resend when you delete or
move the message to except on behalf of the person you have invited to the
meeting. The invitation then gets stuck in a loop and resends several times
until you delete the appointment and send a cancellation request. We are
running outlook 2003 sp3 and exchange sp2 on a 2003 server.

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