Outlook 2003 "New Item Alerts" resizeable and always on top



I love the new Outlook 2003, but I have a two suggestions about the "New Item
Alerts" dialog.

I use tons of Outlook Rules on my email, so I took advantage of the single
"New Item Alerts" dialog to see all incoming email that my Rules are placing
in various folders etc, which is really handy.


The first part of my suggestion is regarding its size. Unfortunately it is a
tiny dialog and is not resizable. I have many Rules and some of their names
are pretty long. Plus I get a ton of automated notices from various scheduled
processes, so I often have to scroll down the list. It would be useful if the
dialog could be resized.


The second part is that if you open an email from the "New Item Alerts"
dialog, the dialog is not closed and is placed under all open windows as your
email message is displayed. This isn't standard windows behavior and is
inconvenient because after I close the message I usually want to go to the
next one or close the dialog, but I have to hunt for it in my taskbar.

If there was a persistent "Keep Window On Top" option I could easily
navigate through my new email using the dialog.

Another option would be to have the dialog follow normal windows order
behavior and not get positioned as the bottom every time a message is opened
from it. That way after I closed my message the dialog would regain focus.

/* ============
Donald E Reynolds
============== */

Brian Tillman

Donald E Reynolds said:
I love the new Outlook 2003, but I have a two suggestions about the
"New Item Alerts" dialog.

Good suggestions all. As a work-around to the last issue you mentioned, can
you position the alert window to a clear area of your desktop while it is
displaying, enough so that some or all of it shows? Won't it then reappear
in that place when it pops up again so that, even if it loses focus, you can
still click it without junting in your task bar?


Hey Brian,

I could do as you suggest, but I usually use the entire desktop for my
applications. I develop software, so I always have 10+ windows open
(IE,VisualStudio, Outlook, etc).

The "New Item Alerts" window will be sent below even the main Outlook window
after the message appears. I figure it would be a simple thing to fix or to
give the option of keeping it on top.

Plus, if they like my first suggestion about resizing it would be even
harder to resize every other application and document so that the "New Item
Alerts" dialog won't be covered by anything :)
Jun 9, 2021
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15 years later...

We are writing the year 2021. The "New Item Alerts" pop-up window on outlook is still not resizeable.

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