Outlook 2003 Cannot delete rules




The problem we are having is related to "Out of Office Assistant" and "Rules
and Alerts" on an Exchange mailbox
When we try to turn on Out of Office Assistant, it gives us an error:
"Changes to the Rule could not be saved. There is not enough memory or the
rules are too complex. Try deleting some rules."
There are no rules defined in the Out Of Office window, but there are plenty
in the normal "Rules and Alerts" section.
When we go to "Rules and Alerts" there are lots of rules, and many have
We then deleted ALL of the rules in here.
We then straight away go back into "Rules and Alerts" and ALL the rules are
back again!

We cannot get the rules to stay deleted.

I have tried the following:
1. Reinstalling Office
2. Creating a new Outlook profile (with and without Cached Exchange Mode)
3. Opening mailbox on 2 other machines.

And we still cannot get the Out of Office to work, OR get any of the rules
to stay deleted.

Can anyone think of any ideas?
It seems to be an issue with the mailbox stored on the server, and not the
local machine. Is there any way to delete the rules from the server?


I have also tried the outlook.exe /cleanrules command, but it still does the
same thing.

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