How to copy Rules & Alerts from one PC to another



I occasionally copy my Outlook.pst file from my desktop to my laptop when I
travel, and then back again when I get home. I also export and import the
Rules & Alerts. The problem is that the Rules & Alerts for my emails don't
copy over very well. The rules are there, but they say "on other machine",
and most (but not all) of the rules that reference a specific email account
(e.g. when received through specified account) are missing the account
specification. Since I have quite a few rules, it is laborious to fix all
these rules every time I transfer my files. Is there a way around this, e.g.
is there a file in the folders containing the Outlook files that I can copy
over, or some other solution?


And the version of Outlook?
Rules are contained within the data file, since outlook 2002


I'm using Outlook 2007 with Windows 7 64-bit.

I figure that the rules appear to be stored in
C;/Users/{username]/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook/Outlook.pst. However, as
I mentioned, when I copy that file over, the rules say "For other machine".
The problem is that on the PC I copy Outlook.pst from, each rule has "on this
machine only" checked as a default, so I try to uncheck it, and for some
rules it allows me to uncheck it, but for other rules it just stays checked.
Why can't I uncheck it for all of the rules?


Now that I look at it some more, apparently when I also check on a rule
"through the specified account", that is when I cannot uncheck "on this
machine only". So when I copy Outlook.pst from my desktop to my laptop,
those rules with "on this machine only" show up on the laptop with "(For
other machine)" in the rule name, and do not run on the laptop unless I
modify the rule. Furthmore, when I modify the rule, it looses the "specified
account", and I have to reset that on the laptop.

So my guess is that I also need to copy over the file that has the email
account settings. Which file contains those settings?

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