Adding dozens of email addresses to rules and alerts


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How do I add dozens of email addresses to rules and alerts?

I tried copying a long list of email addresses separated by "; " and pasting
into "Specify a word or phrase to search for in the sender's address."
(Speech recognition software allowed me to paste the email addresses into
that line.) Unfortunately, the rule did not work, which makes me think that
I have to insert one address in each line manually.

I have considered adding all the addresses to Outlook, and adding them to
rules and alerts through "Move messages from someone to a folder," but I have
two concerns about doing this:

1. Let's say I make a contact for Jane Doe in Outlook. What if I get
an email message from the same email address that I entered for Jane, but it
comes in as Jane S Doe or as Doe, Jane? Would Outlook fail to apply the rule
to that message?

2. If I am going enter into Outlook contact information for dozens of
people that someone stored in Excel and in, how can I
do it without reentering it manually?

Sue Mosher [MVP]

1) Outlook will look at the email address and file it correctly.

2) Use the Import and Export command.

What are you actually trying to accomplish? In many cases, refiling messages
makes things harder to find, not easier, given how well the built-in search
feature works.

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