can't activate Outlook 2007 email rules transferred to new compute



I used Vista "Easy Transfer" to transfer Outlook 2007 data and settings from
XP computer to new Vista computer.

The email Rules show up fine on the new computer, with the check boxes next
to them indicating they are active. But when I do a "send/receive" the rules
aren't applied. Instead I get a "Rules in error" box indicating all my rules

If I then select Tools and then select Rules and Alerts, and then select
"run rules now" I can get the rules to run but I have to put a check mark
next to each of my 50 or so rules. How can I get the rules to run
automatically like they did on the old computer so that I don't have to go
through this procedure each time I do a "send/receive"?

Russ Valentine

You would never use WET to transfer Outlook data. It has never worked.
Even if you transfer Outlook data correctly, rules still need to be reset to
their new location.

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