OUTBOX question



Is there any reason why one message in the outbox will
not send when Send/Receive is pressed? It seems to
happen when I am looking at the Outbox, actually have the
Outbox opened in the outlook window.

If there is one message, it doesn't send. If there are
multiple messages, all but one will send. The one
remaining changes from italicized to normal and sits
there. If I open it, click on send again, then
Send/Receive and it will send.



Sudharson AN


This is possible only when you opened the message in the Outbox before it
was sent. If you open a message that is in the Outbox and close it and then
do a Send and Receive, the message would not be sent. You will need to open
the message again and then click on the Send button to send it. This seems
to be happening by the design of Outlook.

Hope this helps !!!

With Regards,


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