Cannot send emails with attachments




For some time now I have been struggling to send emails and believe that the
recurrent theme is emails with attachments will not send.

I have "Send immediately when connected" checked and other emails disappear
quickly. I have a 311 kb message sitting in my outbox that does not seem to
send even when I press F9 to force a send receive. Sometimes a message will
get stuck in my outbox and stay there forever and when I click on it it says
"Outlook has started to send this message" and cannot open it.

When I go to account settings and test settings it says that it is all OK
and when I next send and receive I receive a test message.

The message will still not send even when I start Outlook in safe mode.

I have unloaded my AVG and reinstalled without Outlook support so it does
not seem to be that.

This is a new computer with Vista Home Premium and Outlook 2007.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.







I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled Office. The message did not send. I
noted that my original profile was left intact.
I deleted my profile, rebooted and created a new profile. The message did
not send.
I created a new message, copied the email address, subject, message body and
attachment across. The message did not send.
I created a new message, retyped just the email address, copied the subject,
message body and attachment across. This worked!
For the contact that I was trying to send this to, I created a new contact,
copied all the contact information across and deleted the old contact.
Created a new message, Selected the contact from the address book, copied
subject, message and attachment across and it worked!.

I am now wondering if it is a problem with the address in my contacts. The
problem I am now faced with is that I have had this problem with a number of
contacts and it could be time consuming to recreate them all. Is there an
easy way to recreate all contacts without manually copying the data across.

Has anyone come across this problem before and found a solution?

Any assistance will be appreciated.



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