organizational forms not showing up for one user.



I had my first experience with creating and publishing custom forms
last week, for the most part all went well. I created the form and
some basic fields which our customer service reps will fill out. I
created the Organizational Forms Library under the EForms Registry on
our single Exchange 2000 server, most of our employees are running
Office XP on Windows 2000 Terminal services/Citrix and everything
worked fine.

This afternoon I was made aware that our operations manager does not
see the Organizational Forms in Outlook when he goes to the Tools menu
-> Forms -> Choose Form. The senior managers have stand-alone PC's, I
believe are loaded with the Outlook 2000 build that ships with the
Exchange 2000 media pack. The manager isn't seeing the Organizational
Forms when he runs Office XP through our terminal servers, so it could
be permission-based.

I've checked the client permissions on my Outlook Forms properties
(that's what I called my organizational forms library) and default has
author permissions. Being fairly new to this, I'm not sure what
direction to troubleshoot, any suggestions would be very welcome at
this point.




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