Windows XP Opening a Partition

Sep 12, 2007
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Hi its my first time to do this so I hope it works.
I run Windows XP Pro, McAfee 8.0 (updated regularly) and Trojan Remover (also regularly updated).
I was infected with Rontokbro about 2 months ago and it caused me a lot of problems. I got rid of it after formating my C: partition and re-insatlling Win XP-pro.
It is now fine and virus free (I hope) but my other hard-disk partition D: is still suffering from the effects of the virus.
Whenever I double click on the partition a message appears telling me that "D: in not a valid Win32 application" or the "Open With" window opens. I have to open with the explore option.
How do I return my partition back the way it was without having to format it.:(

Your help will be highly appreciated because I am not the only one with this problem. The information will also help many others.

Thank you in advance.



Sep 30, 2005
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Is that McAfee 8.0 just a anti-virus program or is it a fire wall aswell ?? You really need both a Firewall and a Anti-Virus program . If your running XP then Windows Defender is a good program to be running . Look here for some useful info .

you could try running an on-line scan to see if you are infected , but I don't have a link to give you for one of those .


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