On resume, Display logon screen



I've 2 users on the pc (vista business) both without password...

I enabled the option "On resume, Display logon screen" in the
I disable the option: "request password on resume" in the energy
managment panel.

But still... everytime i resume from the screensaver, it appear with
the "user blocked" window..., and it's NOT showing the logon screen
(the one with the list of ALL the users... it just list mine...
blocked... and the "change user" botton :( ) to see that logon screen
I need to press "change user".

How can I get the logon screen (as show at boot time) everytime I
resume from the screensaver?


I hope there's a way to get "On resume, *Display logon screen*" do
what it advertise... otherwise it would have been called just "on
resume, block computer...

i do not want to manually log out everytime... I just wish to get that
option doing what it states... :(


Sorry, :(

It only takes you to the Lock Computer logon screen while you are still
logged in to the user account when you resume it from screen saver mode.
If you allow it to go into sleep mode, then it will go the logon screen
you want when it resumes from sleep mode.

Hope this helps,


*There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask them.*
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I've many services running on a certain users that I cannot stop, and
that machine is online 24h/24... so getting it to sleep is not
feasible :(

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