Old Contact Information Remains After Change


Paul DeVivo

When I address a message in Windows Mail, sometimes I can type a few letters
of the first name of the contact which brings up matching entries. Then I
click on the desired entry to complete the addressing.

If I modify the email address of a contact, I find the changed name does not
appear when I follow the above procedure, but rather the old, incorrect,
entry appears -- even after a reboot. If I access the contacts folder in
the other various ways (type three letters of the last name, then Ctrl-K,
Click the To: button and scan the contacts folder), only the corrected entry

So there appears to be a buffer of frequently used contacts separate from
the contacts folder which is used for some operations and which does not get
refreshed. Is this a known issue?

Version 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101.2205)




Windows Mail auto-completes from a separate list of 29 addresses you type
in, not from your contacts. This list is stored in the registry.

If you wish to remove old or incorrect addresses, there is a utility to
clear recently used email addresses in Windows Mail...


To retrieve addresses from your contacts folder, click on the To: button.

This is one of the features that works properly in the newer Windows Live

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