Offline Files not available?



I have Vista Business (RTM+fixes) 32bit installed on a laptop. I have a
network share mapped to a drive.

In explorer I can navigate my share, but nowhere do I see "Make available
offline" available on the right click menu

Offline files reports itself as enabled, but sync shows no partnerships.

What's up?


planetf1 said:
In explorer I can navigate my share, but nowhere do I see "Make available
offline" available on the right click menu

A followup on this. I have 2 shares mapped.

1 is to a real windows server - as I navigate this "always available
offline" IS an available menu option
1 is a samba v2 server - as I navigate "always available offline" IS NOT an
available menu option

In addition, selecting properties on the share
* Windows server - shows tabs General,Security,Previous Versions, Customize,
Offline Files
* Samba - shows General,Previous Versions, Customize
Both allows offline file usage under XP, so what's different that's causing
Vista to decide whether to permit this option or not. This appears to be a


Jill Zoeller said:
Can you tell me what version of SAMBA the device is running?

Sure. The share that can't be made available offline is running 2.2.8a
I had to allow NTLM1 authentication to be able to access the share at all.
Unfortunately I don't have control over the (backlevel) samba code

Jill Zoeller [MSFT]

Unfortunately Offline Files in Vista is not compatible with Samba versions
earlier than 3.0.22. This is largely due to earlier versions of Samba
always returning success for operations they don't actually support. Whoever
manages the NAS should contact the OEM for a SAMBA update.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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team blog at


Thanks for the specific reply. Unfortunately that's a regression from XP
behaviour. Offline files wasn't great, but it worked better than Vista does

If the operation return codes are an issue is there instead a way there
could be some degraded/backoff behaviour with backlevel servers - such as
syncing the whole file rather than part of it, this dropping to XP behaviour?

Or is it more complex also relating to the seamless on/offline state

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