Cannot Delete Sync Partnership



2 of our network administrators browse our COO's home network drive to
troubleshoot a problem. They are both running Vista Ultimate. Now they have
his home network drive mapped as a parternship in Sync Center. We cannot
delete or stop the partrnership. Tried stoping the Offline files service,
trying to delete the CSC folder and inside where the partnership, but can't
due to rights. Tried taking ownership, tried deleting all registry keys
associated with that partnership. Exausted all options. Any help will be

Sal Tinajero

Further more, I manage to remove all partnerships, but now offline files is
not working. The service runs fine, but when we want to create a
partnership. We go to the drive we want to sync and the option: Always
Available Offline is there, but when we click on it it doesn't get checked.
It is the second computer with Vista with this problem. Has anyone
experienced this issue? What is the solution.



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