Offline Files, Windows 7


Steve Fonda

I couldn't find a group for Windows 7, so I'm going to post here and
see what happens.

A lot of our traveling users take advantage of Offline Files and Sync
Center found in Windows Vista / 7. Ever since I started rolling out 7
on laptops, I have come across an issue with Offline Files.

Example: All users have a network share that is mapped as their H:
drive. Upon setup, I always redirect a user's My Documents to the
full UNC path \\server\share\, not moving the location. Once this is
established, I make the folder Always Available Offline. In the most
recent example, the user's My Documents on his H: drive is 11.3 Gigs.
I synched the entire share so that it was available offline, verified
the size / contents both on the server and the disk usage on the local
machine; all was well.

I sent the machine to a remote office, still within the network. When
the user received it, after a short time I was told that his offline
files were not working, nothing was availble offline, he couldn't
sync, all sorts of problems. Sure enough, I remote into the machine
and it says that there is only 14.3KB in use for Offline Files, when I
had sent it out with a full 11.3 Gigs. I am unable to run a full,
successful sync now, and this also happens on another machine.

Has anyone run into similar issues with Windows 7 offline files? I've
had to resort to a third party app to make sure the files are
reliable, since Windows certiainly has not been for this user.

Thanks a lot!

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